News letter

May 2018 What a fabulous day at Pendennis on the 19th May celebrating the wedding of Meghan and Prince Harry. The home looked amazing, the food was wonderful and a great time was had by all.

The lounge and dining room have been redecorated and the feedback is great. Come and have a look we are really proud. 

Sam and her team have been updating paper work at the home. There are new resident guides and lots of improved compliance documentation, well done Sam and all those who have helped so far, thank you.

New notice boards are up next to the front and back doors, please take time to see whats new and whats happening.

In line with GDPR, Pendennis has a new Privacy Policy on this web site. The link is in the main menu. The GDPR is new legislation that directs all orgaisations on how to manage information on everyone that comes into contact with an organisation.

Popcorn enjoying the sun

March 2018

We would like to say Hello to all our residents, friends and families of

Pendennis Care Home.  Welcome to our latest newsletter……….


You may have noticed some changes happening at Pendennis.  Following our last residents meeting the residents decided that they would like us to create a beach themed living area and transform the dining room into a vintage style cafe.  Work is progressing well, we are all working together to make this happen.



Spring is almost here and as some residents have a keen interest in gardening, we have decided to start a weekly gardening club.  In the coming weeks as the weather gets warmer we will be doing lots of planting of bulbs, seeds and vegetables.  Next week we will be planting sunflower seeds.  It will be a race to see which one grows the tallest!


Royal Wedding

There has been lots of talk and anticipation for the upcoming Royal Wedding.  Invitations to a Royal tea party will be going out shortly and we will be celebrating the occasion with cucumber sandwiches, tea and fairy cakes – All welcome, it would be great if you join us.


Book Club

As lots of our residents enjoy books, stories and being read to, we have decided to start having ‘literature afternoons’. Every week one resident will choose the book and it will be read to anyone that wants to join in. If anyone has any literature suggestions that they feel their friend or family member would enjoy please do let us know and will do our best to find exactly what they want!



We are really looking forward to celebrating Easter here at Pendennis.  We are making Easter bonnets and will be enjoying roast lamb for lunch and chocolate nests made by the residents.  Please join us if you can.






We have been holding chair based exercise sessions for all residents that wish to participate. Lots of movement, music and laughter!  Feedback from the residents has all been very positive and we hope to continue with this.




We are currently looking for people that would be willing to spend an hour or two a week at Pendennis, reading, looking through old pictures or just to talk with the residents – if you know of anyone that may be interested in spending a little time with us please ask them to get in touch.


Attached with this newsletter is a notice of a meeting of residents, relatives and staff.  It would be great to see you there.


With love and best wishes      Sam and all the Staff at Pendennis xxx

September 2017
Where has the summer gone too? Here we are at the end of September 🤔 
Lots of  things going on at Pendennis as usual......the cook has introduced "all day breakfasts" which are very popular.
lets hope we have a few more sunny days to enable everyone to enjoy the sun before winter sets in....

Here we are again......mid July.
Pendennis has been involved with  the 'Making Bridges with Music'  project which involves pre school children interacting with the elderly.
BBC Radio Devon came to join in the fun on the final day and it was broadcast Thursday 13th July...(it can be heard on BBC Radio IPlayer Gordon Sparks morning programme 152 minutes into the show)
Everyone had such an enjoyable time, its been arranged for the children to continue to visit as they'd miss their friends here at Pendennis........and we'd miss them.

May weather looks set to improve.....
POPCORN the Rabbit is happily munching the grass in the sun and the log cabin is looking good .....the garden is all ready for everyone to enjoy sitting out in the sun on the warmer days....

April is with us and EASTER........ 

Cakes have been decorated
.......good enough to eat!!

The donkey visited again at the end of March, such a popular character, loved by all 

Now we are into March 2017..... the weather will hopefully improve. Everyone is looking forward to warmer weather so they can sit in the garden and for those interested planting veg etc and flowers.

Christmas and New Year celebrations were great fun and enjoyed by all involved.

Now nearing the end of January, we're looking forward to continuing the year with our usual optimism, sharing cheer

and happiness with everyone.


Well........the festive period is with us once again........

we have a full catalogue of events for everyone to enjoy...

15th December Luc is coming to play the harp, a very peaceful enchanting afternoon

17th December Music and Carols led by Michelle

19th December .......'Barry and the gang' for a 'singalong'

22nd December >>>>> CHRISTMAS PARTY <<<<<<
                        FAMILY AND FRIENDS WELCOME

23rd December a Very Special Event.............ALAN the DONKEY

       ALAN is coming to wish his friends at Pendennis a
                     VERY  HAPPY  CHRISTMAS

Lots of FUN THINGS for everyone to enjoy.

A very happy christmas and a wonderful new year to everyone

Autumn is with us once again........the LOG CABIN is taking shape in the garden for everyone to enjoy when the weather is good.
Lots of fun and activities for all to enjoy are held on a regular basis. 

The summer is 'flying by' here we are in the first week of August

Pendennis had a visit from Alan the donkey recently.

He was made to feel very welcome as usual.

It is the start of the Olympics this week......clients are looking forward to sharing the excitement. 

And here we are in June......the weather is getting warmer 
and the garden is inviting with the animals (rabbits and guinea pigs) munching lettuce and grass in their 'runs'

last week our local MP Kevin Foster, was kind enough to visit, everyone appeared to like chatting to him and had an enjoyable time.

At the end of March we had a routine unannounced inspection from CQC (the Care Quality Commission).
The report is now available on their web site. 
The report was good which we are proud of.

The year is passing by all too quickly.......Easter was early this year, everyone enjoyed the Easter celebrations, there was lots of fun and laughter.

May is approaching and hopefully the weather will improve enough for the garden to be used, plants are being cultivated by the clients and staff .

Lots of regular activities taking place cake decorating appears to be popular.

Watch this space for updates throughout the year

Alan the Donkey visited again

Everyone enjoyed his company!!

Here we are at the start of another new year! ..........Please may I take this opportunity to wish all residents, family, friends and of course our marvelous staff  a fantastic new year.
Lots of exiting activities are being planned for this year. Watch this space as the year unfolds for updates and information.

The end of the year is fast approaching.......
as an end of year 'treat' the OLIVE TREE THEATRE put on a show....everyone enjoyed themselves and it was great fun.

The gentleman who plays the harp.....LUC is coming in to entertain everyone, on the 17th December. 
A Christmas Party is being planned.....and 'santas grotto' being prepared......
Always lots of activities and festivities underway.

The coffee morning in aid of Macmillan Cancer Support was a huge success. Everyone enjoyed themselves and had a 'fun'time. Total amount raised £71.03.....thanks go to all those who attended and contributed.....
MANY MANY thanks to our amazing staff especially JANE, who organised the event and put in a lot of hard work and effort, to ensure everyone had a great time.
Also Jaquie who always manages to make Pendennis 'that special place' with her imaginative ideas, positive attitude and great empathy. 
And of course Jennie, putting everyone at ease with her caring nature and reassuring smile.
One of the 'quizes' was 'GUESS GINGER'S WEI
Ginger weighed in at a healthy 12lbs!!


Our pets enjoy company and just love being cossetted by everyone......

    luckily the weather was sunny for the Macmillan Coffee Morning on 25th September 2015

Lots of interesting activities are always ongoing at Pendennis, the 'Interactive Room' is very popular, here are a couple of pictures when used as a Laundry and also a Pet Shop

Please scroll down for other events........ 

Pendennis awarded 'Purple Angel'

Clients enjoy choosing their purchases from the fully stocked 'Trolley'

A very special visitor......Alan the donkey, he enjoyed all the attention and everyone was happy to see him......
 I'm pleased to be out of that van!!
That's just the spot...this is soooo good I may just go to sleep........
I've gone all shy....well here goes....
oh, this is alright.....think they were expecting me
lots of hands to nuzzle......lovely....
 not to be forgotten.... the smaller animals in the garden...
Everyone had a great day.....never a dull moment at Pendennis!!!

Mr Primrose the Guinea Pig is very popular with the clients.
 as you can see he is most relaxed!
These two are great friends!
Lots to look forward to at Pendennis...........
 The animals are popular!

Lots of celebrations and activities due throughout the year....  


please scroll down for pictures of the party..............
Mary presenting the spread, all very tasty
                                                    Dancing the day away!!! with lots of lovely food, drink and good company!!!!!


Cake decorating is great fun, the proof is in the eating!!.........

lots more exiting activities and entertainments going on at Pendennis throughout the this space for updates........
We are now into approaching the winter of 2015.....the pretty lights and garden ornaments continue to be a delight.
The 'tuck shop' is popular and the 'daily news-letter' stimulates and enhances peoples interest in the general world about them.

These, in addition to the ongoing activities are just part of Pendennis's commitment to further improve and support clients with their daily living.