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What We Do

What We Do

We are here for people needing the kind of support that can make a positive difference to their lives. This might be emotional, physical or a blend of both.

We also understand that these things change, one day mobility might be stronger than another, the same with moods and cognitive functioning, so we aim to deliver our service with empathy to those changes.

Our care is discreet, and the level of support and encouragement is tailored to meet each person’s needs.

Many of the people at Pendennis are living with differing levels of dementia. We pride ourselves on delivering a service that draws on the latest methods on how to enhance the lives of people living with the disease.

In 2019 we were awarded a grant along with Exeter University’s specialist dementia unit on how different forms of training and activities can enhance the lives of people at Pendennis, both residents and the team. This is an ongoing project with the aim of being able to integrate the learning across many homes in Torbay and beyond.

Moving in

Before moving in and after an assessment to ensure we can meet your loved ones needs we encourage people to come and try lunch and stay for the day. This helps to give comfort to all parties that they are making the right choice.

We also find that respite stays are a positive experience for all parties.

It’s great when families are part of this process as well, coming for lunch and sitting, watching and listening to how a typical day in the life of Pendennis works. We welcome this, as often these early experiences at Pendennis set the tone for how the relationships between all the parties develops.

Respite care

Subject to availability we welcome individuals who are looking for a short term break at Pendennis. This is a flexible service that so often proves a positive experience to all parties. Choose one or two days through to a couple of weeks.

Many of the people living at Pendennis stayed for one or two weeks before making the decision to move in. It has proven to be a really popular service so please call Sam as soon as you feel it could be a good solution for you.

Supporting families and friends We understand that you may have worries and concerns, Sam prides herself on offering an open door approach by listening and helping where she can. Over time this has built trust and friendships with many families. Some of these friendships continue today. Sam’s and her team have an open door (open phone now due to Covid 19) approach which encourages relatives to pop in or phone regularly and they are happy to answer questions; “how’s mum today” “what did she have for lunch” these things matter. It helps to give comfort and a connection that often families and friends feel can get lost when their loved ones move in. Technology can help communication, and Pendennis has plenty of ways to keep in touch; roaming phones and iPads for video calls. Regular quality assurance questionnaires are distributed which really help us get a better understanding of how we are doing. We anlayse these and between us we look to make changes based on the feedback. Naturally if you ever have something you want to talk about you can do this at any time. We’ve made a number of changes to Pendennis based on relative feedback, this web site being one of them! Training To help deliver the service our team are well trained and experienced in delivering care. Training is relevant, continually evolving and never stops at Pendennis. Just as important though is experience and a caring nature. We don’t have many changes in the staff team but where we do need to appoint new members Sam will always act to either help the individual grow with us or let them know that Pendennis isn’t for them. Having a balanced team that ‘get on’ is so important to successful care delivery, it’s not easy but a home with strong lines of communication really